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I'm a 23-year-old female who is completely happy with every aspect of her life except the fact that I cannot seem to find a good guy or even a good date. Dear High Expectations, First of all, thank you for writing.

I do not seem to be attracted to many of the good guys interested in me, but then other guys seem to be fake and only interested in me for superficial reasons. I appreciate your email for a variety of reasons, mostly because I've been through the same thing myself.

Since the age of five, when we began watching Disney movies, we’ve convinced ourselves we must find a Prince Charming to be complete.

The “tall, dark, handsome, rescue you on a white horse” type that starred in those movies set the bar pretty high.

Newsflash: The perfect guy is a mythical creature as make believe as the Tooth Fairy, leprechauns and the Easter Bunny.

If you’re so blessed to find the perfect guy for you fantastic!

Not someone who makes you feel nervous, insecure, and ignored. Discover what they’re passionate about and what makes them come alive.

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We are the least likely to respond to online messages, or even physical advances when a brave man actually finds the balls to initiate conversation with us.After that month (most of my months were much slower in terms of dating), I started to wonder whether or not there was a problem with me.Most helpful for me in coming to a place of peace in my dating choices was meeting with a spiritual director (a priest, elder or mentor in your faith community would be great for this).One woman said “sense of humor” was important; otherwise she could not date them.What happened to the lists consisting of honesty, ambition, loyalty, common interests, someone who can make you laugh, who will hug you after a bad day and someone who is supportive of your aspirations?

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Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other ("eagle"), which is the symbol of Albania.

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We all need more positive vibes…and of course, more fun. And always remember this quote from one of our members: “Flirting is fun, you guys.” Flirtbox is a free dating service for singles from the UK. You might end up having to pay for the drinks on your next date, but apart from that, Flirtbox is absolutely free. Here, you can flirt with plenty of single men and women without having to spend a penny. Find other singles for a chat on Skype, Whatsapp, Kik or Bbm.

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Eventhough my friendlist settings are private they knew exactly who my friends were.